Megyachts and catamarans

S & A YACHTS always keeps up with the time and offers its customers not only serial motor and sailing yachts, but also new products at the market of megayachts and catamarans with the length from 50 to 210 feet.

Our brokerage department is constantly studying the manufacturers’ market, cooperating with the leading companies. We offer to all our customers the megayachts and catamarans of those shipyards, which, in our opinion, use the most advanced technologies and always go with the times.

For example, we can offer to our customers the megayachts ranging in length from 70 to 165 feet with the use of underwater wings in their design. The cruising speed of such yachts can easily achieve 20 knots, and the maximum speed makes 25 knots. At the same time, such yachts can easily cross the Atlantic Ocean without refueling at a speed of 17 knots, these are real masterpieces in the construction of yachts.

The innovations of advanced technologies in the field of comfort on the yacht also include silent roll stabilizers making the move soft and stable, perfect air conditioning systems and thermal glazing of the cabins, propulsive sound absorption, etc.

In the field of construction of sailing and motor catamarans from 50 to 210 feet long the leaders have been determined long ago, and we are happy to provide you with brokerage services in choosing a catamaran of your dreams, a real house on the water. On such a catamaran you can spend your free time with family or friends, hold a dinner party for your partners, there is always a lot of free space on such a catamaran, whatever tasks you set.

It is quite natural that construction of such vessels takes quite a long time, from 1 year to 5 years, depending on the size of the vessel and its equipment, and for the whole period our experienced managers will be with you, they will not only participate with you in ordering a yacht or a catamaran of your dreams, but will also control all stages of construction together with you.

All you need now is to understand that you are ready to start building your wonderful vessel

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